Freshers Sign-Up Form 22-23

Looking to compete and play basketball while studying at the University of Westminster? Our programme is designed for students to maximise their basketball potential while succeeding academically.

The Westminster Dragons have several competitive teams this season for 2022-23! Our Dragons will be entering:


    • University of Westminster 1st Team – BUCS Division 1
    • Westminster Dragons – LMBL Men’s Division 1
    • Brent Bulls – Basketball England Senior National League Division 3

Other Teams:

    • University of Westminster 2nd Team – BUCS Division 3
    • University of Westminster 3rd Team – BUCS Division 5


    • University of Westminster 1st Team – BUCS Division 3
    • Brent Bulls – Basketball England Womens National League Division 1 Opportunity

Westminster Training Schedule during the semester:


    • 1st Team – 1x Team Practice (2 hours), 1x Skills Practice (2 hours)
    • 1st Team – Strength & Conditioning (1 hour) with programming for student-athletes
    • 1st Team – 2-3x Matches a week – BUCS, Local League, National League
    • 2nd Team – 1x Practice a week (2 hours) & 1x BUCS match
    • 3rd Team – 1x Practice a week (2 hours) & 1x BUCS match


    • 2nd Team – 1x Practice a week & 1x BUCS match

Westminster National League Players for both Men’s & Womens (Brent Bulls)

    • Extra 1x practice a week (2 hours)
    • Extra 1-2 National Basketball League Games per week

Make sure to attend our taster sessions for both Men’s & Women’s:

  • Basketball Taster – Men’sĀ 
    Monday 26th September 2022
    Time: 8pm
  • Basketball Taster – Women’s
    Monday 26th September 2022
    Time: 6pm

If you’re looking to try out for the University of Westminster Men’s or Women’s Basketball Team please mark down the date below in your calendar and fill out the form below:

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    Weight (If known)

    Basketball Position

    Basketball Background

    Previous Teams

    Game Tape Link (If available)

    If selected by the coaches, are you available for pre-season (September 2022)?

    Yes I amNo I will be unavailable

    Can you attend the taster session on Monday 26th September 2022 (6pm Womens, 8pm Mens)?

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    I agree my e-mail will be used for club purposes, notifications and messages from our club committee and coaches

    For more information, find us at the Welcome FairsĀ 

    • Harrow Fair – Monday 21st September 2022 – 12pm (Harrow Campus)
    • Marylebone Campus – Tuesday 22nd September 2022 – 10am (Marylebone Campus)
    • Marylebone Campus – Wednesday 23rd September 2022 – 10am (Marylebone Campus)

    . More information on



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