Challenges and learning processes for Dragons in Pre-Season

The pre-season journey for the Westminster Dragons basketball team has been one of both challenge and learning opportunities.

In their recent match against one of the leading basketball academies London Lions New City, the Dragons faced a tough battle, ultimately falling short with a score of 91-58. Despite keeping pace with their opponents until the third quarter, the Lions’ prowess and energy proved decisive in the latter stages of the game.

Another significant test came against the formidable NBL Division 2 team, the Richmond Knights, where the Dragons encountered a formidable obstacle in size and talent. The Knights’ dominance on the court ultimately led to a 91-49 defeat for the Dragons.

These pre-season encounters have provided invaluable insights and experiences for the team as they prepare for the competitive BUCS season ahead, highlighting areas for improvement and areas of strength to build upon. The Dragons team only consists of five returners from last year, none of whom started in the 2022-23 campaign for Westminster.

Dragons will continue to work in pre-season which includes a Strength & Conditioning program from coach Tiago Miguel.

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