University of Westminster Top 10 Plays of 2019-20

Happy New Year! Start January 2021 with the University of Westminster’s Top 10 Plays of 2019-20 from BUCS (British Universities Colleges & Sport) and LMBL (London Metropolitan Basketball League)  🐲🔥



  1. Fernando Roman vs LBP (LMBL D2)
    Freshman Guard Fernando Roman grabs the offensive rebound against London Black Panthers before performing a half spin in the corner to make the defender fall over. To top it off, Guard Roman finishes with a three!
  2. Kiam Jaudenes vs LSBU (BUCS D2)
    In the opening game of the season, former EBA guard Kiam Jaudenes debuts for Westminster with a bang with an electric fast-break flush with the assist from Mylo Mitchell.
  3. Orestas Vasiliauskas vs UEL 4th (BUCS Cup First Round)
    Lithuanian Freshman Guard Orestas Vasiliauskas closes out a demolishing first quarter against UEL 4th with a full-court heave which flies straight into the hoop to beat the buzzer!
  4. Mylo Mitchell vs Essex 2nd (BUCS D2)
    A messy play turns into a creative finish. A misplaced pass from Louis Roberts, American Guard Mylo Mitchell does well to save the ball and find enough balance and calmness to elevate and shoot a three while fading!
  5. Afrosyab Khalil vs Cardinals (LMBL D2)
    Cold weekday away in Essex for the Local League, NBL D1 guard Afrasyab Khalil jab steps his defender after neat ball rotation from 2nd Team Guard Riccardo Rizza. The defender buys it, slowly stumbling backwards, and Afrasyab adds the icing on the cake with the step-back three finish.
  6. Mylo Mitchell vs Essex 2nd (BUCS Cup Quarter-Final) 
    In an end-to-end fast paced game, American Guard Mylo Mitchell adds another top play to the list. Against league rivals Essex 2nd in the Quarter-Final, Mitchell attacks on transition, euro-stepping between two defenders and drawing contact for the and-one play (whilst losing one of his shoes in the action)!
  7. Afrasyab Khalil vs UEL 4th (BUCS Cup First Round)
    Sophomore guard Afrasyab Khalil couldn’t miss in the first quarter against UEL 4th, hitting 7 3 PT-FG’s out of 10  (70%) in the first 8 minutes of the 1st Quarter action setting a programme record!
  8. Fernando Roman vs LBP (LMBL D2)
    The Spanish Guard Fernando Roman returns to haunt London Black Panthers. After another offensive rebound, this time Guard Roman avoids a double team trap by spinning base line and while drawing the help, finds the open center Arian Ahmetaj with a crafty behind the back pass with his left hand. Senior Arian Ahmetaj finishes with a short jumper to complete a slick play.
  9. Mylo Mitchell vs City (BUCS D2) 
    With the shot clock winding down at the quarter, the Dragons share the ball before it finds Elite-Athlete Mylo Mitchell who draws the defender with a jab before hitting the step-back three. The defender bites on the jab and lunges at guard Mitchell tackling him to the ground, resulting in a four-point play!
  10. Orestas Vasiliauskas vs Kings College (BUCS D2)
    Last but not least Freshman guard Orestas Vasiliauskas sends his defender on a spin cycle with a jab, before pulling and stepping back for three on the fast-break.
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