Harrow Sports Hall Summer Refurbishments 2019

We can’t believe it! After over 20 years Harrow Sports Hall is finally being refurbished!

Today marks the first day of a months hard-work to get the sports hall up to modern standard before the season starts. The refurbishment work will include:

  • Brand new electronic international basketball glass backboards.
  • Updates of flooring to the workout gym.
  • Added private cubical showers in changing rooms
  • Sports Hall lights refurbished
  • Building flooring improved
  • Ventilation system update

Our online “Help Harrow Sports Hall” petition back in February 2019 was started to make the university aware of several incidents over the years concerning student safety. The events were caused mainly due to the lack of refurbishments and updates to equipment made to the sports hall, which is nearly 50 years old (built originally in 1970).

“Help Harrow Sports Hall” gathered over 300 signatures from students and active users of the gym and sports hall in the space of 6 months. We don’t have clear evidence this petition helped, it was just amazing to see the local community of Harrow and Westminster students come together to support. Ultimately we are ecstatic action is being taken to modernise the facility.

We want to thank everyone involved in the project for making this happen:

University of Westminster 
University of Westminster Gym Team
Quintin Hogg Trust

Also, thank you to everyone who signed our petition at change.org – https://www.change.org/p/university-of-westminster-help-harrow-sports-hall

Our basketball programme cannot wait to take a step into the new look sports hall and gym at Harrow this coming fall.¬†🏀🐉

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