Westminster Basketball End of Year Awards 2023

Westminster Basketball ended the academic year with the traditional End of Year Awards. Thank you to Westminster Dance, who collaborated with our basketball team to organise and host the event, which was held at The Pavilion, Cavendish Campus.


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Award Winners

All Dragons coaches were present for the awarding. Congratulations to all winners on the evening! 

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Honourable Mentions:

Rinor Dragusha wins the Fresher of the Year and Most Valuable Player Award for the 1st Team – first ever player to win both awards and the first rookie to win MVP since fellow London United alumni Afrasyab Khalil in 2018-19.

Wilman Family wins our Fans of the Year Awards! The family attend all our Dragons matches and partners Brent Bulls games. The family received Westminster T-shirts and shorts from the programme.

Rebecca Rusza wins back-to-back Womens Most Valuable Player Award!

Lisa Otoo is awarded with the Achievement Recognition Award along with Kamari Hunter, Francesco Roveri and Rendyl Madrona.

Julius Vaitkus the captain receives the Dragon of the Year, presented by Strength & Conditioning Coach Tiago Miguel

Not the best quality and angle, but the Westminster Basketball IG managed to stream the awards live:

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